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The War Against Creativity

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Creating is hard. It’s choosing to go to the point of no return and to commit to creating something new, unseen, not yet in existence, and something that will more than likely fail. Not creating is even harder though, it’s the choice of putting your curiosity in a prison and throwing away the key. At first it’s missed, but over time it becomes easier to forget the absence and go on in normalcy, following the trends and working to forget there was ever an option to chase curiosity in the first place.

There’s a war against creativity. From an early age we’re taught to put away the crayons and to conform. To stop coloring outside the lines, to stop making up stories, and to start following the rules. We’re taught this is the path to success.

Creating seems to be outlawed, and you can see the evidence everywhere. It’s very easy to conform. The thought of going against the norm is strange to most people. Creative people that have bought into the normalcy must wait to be picked in order to create, and once they are, they must color inside the lines that someone else has already drawn. They wait for the system to choose them, passing the ability to initiate off to someone else.

Initiating, like creating, is hard. There’s pain in it, and fear too. The fear of rejection, of isolation and loneliness, and the fear of failure. It’s easy to see why avoiding the fear and pain of failure is the norm when it’s what has been taught since day one.

The war against creativity isn’t conforming vs. not conforming, it’s the effort at making you think that failure is actually a bad thing.

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