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Crazy Fans

I'm the kid in the shorts. Content marketing, when done right, creates crazy fans that champion your ideas. These are people that are the people that become free evangelists of your brand, spreading the world to all who listen. Content marketing creates fans when traditional advertising creates do-not-call lists. Your choice. When I was around 12...

Crazy FansRyan Payne

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Technology is amazing. I'm the proud owner of a Kindle and I am still shocked at how easy it is to buy books. It only takes me one click on Amazon and my account is charged. I used to spend a ton on books, but now that it's more easy and convenient I wouldn't...

Keep it Simple, StupidRyan Payne

The Coffee Break

Traditional marketing takes coffee breaks. Lots of them in fact which means it can never work to improve a brand effectively in the new economy. For many, the break-room offers several mini vacations throughout the day in the form of a cup of coffee and during these breaks no work gets done. While breaks...

The Coffee BreakRyan Payne

Repair Your Marketing Strategies

The rules of marketing have changed... forever! A less dramatic way of saying this: the customer is more aware and has greater access to information than ever before. Information is value, and if they don't get it, sales won't happen. Strategies that passively attempt to draw in customers have quickly become irrelevant in the new...

Repair Your Marketing StrategiesRyan Payne

3 Ways Content Marketing Interacts With Customers

Content marketing is a powerful tool in the new economy. It allows businesses to comunicate with customers and target markets rather than taking a passive approach that traditional media offers. Traditional marketing only offers passive approaches for customer interaction while content marketing offers strategies that work and strategies that build reliable systems. Here are...

3 Ways Content Marketing Interacts With CustomersRyan Payne

Why Content Marketing Works

The new economy is powered by those who are masters of content marketing. Traditional marketing fails to offer value and is therefore dead. People have learned that catchy ads don't necessarily mean great products which is why traditional advertising has failed. Brands now grow on the basis of content and overall value offering rather...

Why Content Marketing WorksRyan Payne

The Thrill of Discovery

People loving buying new things. The emotion that governs buying produces a thrill when a great deal is made and a great product is acquired. Today, marketing is successful when the thrill of discovery rewards a buyer, instead of ignores them and when networks bring value to people well after the purchase. The buying...

The Thrill of DiscoveryRyan Payne

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