Crazy Fans

I'm the kid in the shorts. Content marketing, when done right, creates crazy fans that champion your ideas. These are people that are the people that become free evangelists of your brand, spreading the world to all who listen. Content marketing creates fans when traditional advertising creates do-not-call lists. Your choice. When I was around 12...

Crazy FansRyan Payne

7 Branding Rules for Creative People

Everybody has a creative side in them, whether you choose to embrace it or not is your business. There's no one way to be creative, instead it's important to create in your own medium and in your own voice, following another's path significantly detracts from the creativity you can produce. Want to embrace your creative...

7 Branding Rules for Creative PeopleRyan Payne

2 Strategies to Avoid Repetition Branding

Traditional marketers have become obsessed with repetition. They play the same commercials and ads over and over again until people can practically quote them in their sleep. These marketers aren't after arousing excitement to spur decision but are only seeking to have a brands image burned into their audience's minds so that when someone considers a purchase they...

2 Strategies to Avoid Repetition BrandingRyan Payne

Why is Bad for Business

Gmail is a great tool, but when you rely on an address, you are positioning yourself, your brand, or your company to fail. With an address. . . 1. You fail to be the expert. If you aren't the expert then why should anyone do business with you in the first place? The brands that clog our...

Why is Bad for BusinessRyan Payne

Put Some Skin in the Game

The secret to creating a trustful brand is simple: put some skin in the game. Brands that withhold value before a purchase have nothing to lose when the customer says no - people will say no when there is nothing valuable pulling them towards saying yes. Putting skin in the game is risky. It's...

Put Some Skin in the GameRyan Payne

Sticky Branding

I'm a big fan of Amazon - if money were no object I'd probably buy enough stuff to ensure I would get at least one package a day. Unfortunately - or maybe thankfully - I usually end up ordering something off of Amazon about once a month. Amazon's stickiness turns customers into fans -...

Sticky BrandingRyan Payne

First Impressions Can be Scary

I recently watched an interview - hosted on the YouTube channel AtGoogleTalks - of Jonah Hill talking about his recent movie, Moneyball. My brief first impression that I had of Jonah Hill outside of a movie wasn't pleasant - I thought he was a pompous jerk (I did love the movie though). I'll probably never meet...

First Impressions Can be ScaryRyan Payne

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