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There are many people waiting for something amazing to happen. Really, waiting for anything different to happen. They’re waiting for something to happen in their life which allows them to finally start on the path that can culminate in reaching their ultimate dream, goal, and desire.

Maybe their dream is becoming wealthy, or maybe it’s going to the airport and buying a one-way ticket to somewhere new. Maybe it’s writing a book or becoming famous, and maybe it’s changing the world. Whatever it is, many people are waiting for a special prelude to happen so they finally have that excuse to start something amazing.

Most people are bad at starting things though, especially when it requires stepping into the unknown. That first step could lead to a cliff edge, a barren wasteland, or a field filled with dreams and opportunities. But none of that will be known until the first step is taken.

Here’s a secret: the prelude has already happened, regardless of the dream, goal, or journey wanting to be reached. The prelude has happened, it’s today and it’s still happening. Each boring day can be a day that’s walked perpendicular to the path that can lead to dreams and goals or is just another day catalogued into the useless category. These days are the prelude to greatness, or to the average life.

Your prelude is already here, it’s happening. Stop waiting.


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