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High-Fiving Your Brand

The most popular story for how the modern “high five” originated is from the late 70’s when Dodgers player Glenn Burke raised his hand in celebration to greet Dodgers left-fielder Dusty Baker, and Baker not knowing what to do, slapped it. It may be strange to think about, but there has to be an origin for everything. Great marketing attempts to do the same thing to products as what Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker did to the high five.


The high five was never “invented” but merely discovered. While products do come and go, they are never successful unless they are able to be found. The same can be said for brands as well. Brands are built upon their ability to quickly get found by the masses. There is a rule to a brand’s success: great success comes with influencing great amounts of people. If you can’t get found, success cannot follow.

Branding is the science behind getting found by markets and it is necessary for any success anyone hopes to make in business. It is relevant to anyone with an idea and a dream, from individuals to corporations and anything in between.


The high five would have taken off eventually. In fact, there are several stories that claim a different origin for the high five. A market won’t disappear unsatisfied, but will only diminish once it’s need has been met. Someone must meet this need, is it you? Either you or your competition can capitalize on the opportunities that are present.

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