The War Against Creativity

Creating is hard. It's choosing to go to the point of no return and to commit to creating something new, unseen, not yet in existence, and something that will more than likely fail. Not creating is even harder though, it's the choice of putting your curiosity in a prison and throwing away the key....

The War Against CreativityRyan Payne

High-Fiving Your Brand

The most popular story for how the modern "high five" originated is from the late 70's when Dodgers player Glenn Burke raised his hand in celebration to greet Dodgers left-fielder Dusty Baker, and Baker not knowing what to do, slapped it. It may be strange to think about, but there has to be an origin for...

High-Fiving Your BrandRyan Payne

7 Branding Rules for Creative People

Everybody has a creative side in them, whether you choose to embrace it or not is your business. There's no one way to be creative, instead it's important to create in your own medium and in your own voice, following another's path significantly detracts from the creativity you can produce. Want to embrace your creative...

7 Branding Rules for Creative PeopleRyan Payne

Convenience Wins

If you've never experienced the joy of eating Girl Scout Cookies then you're really missing out. Seriously, they're awesome. Samoas, or Caramel deLites depending on the baker, are my favorite kind, although I'm sure they are all delicious. Just the other day I was asked by two girls standing behind a Girl Scout table outside...

Convenience WinsRyan Payne

Build Your Audience

I live in Austin and I absolutely love it here. Living in the live music capital of the world has its perks: it's located in an area that's perfect for convertible driving most of the year, there's swimming holes scattered throughout this beautiful hill country, and people come from all over the glove several...

Build Your AudienceRyan Payne

Being Different in a Pro-Content World

Being different matters in a pro-content world. When people expect what they want when they want it, providing great content isn't just about the quality but in the way it's presented and in the platform it's presented on.  Great content gives it's owners a power little else can provide - a voice. But the voice...

Being Different in a Pro-Content WorldRyan Payne

Are you addressing your crowd?

I like to envision everyone I see walking about as having a small, invisible crowd of people following them and cheering them on as they go about their day. Though (luckily) this isn't a thing, it's much more of a reality than you might think it is. Who is your crowd? Who are your fans?...

Are you addressing your crowd?Ryan Payne

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