When Dreams Reach Stars

There is a moment in every creative person’s life where their work touches enough people to the point that it can outlast even its creator. People judge a creative lifestyle – singing, writing, painting, designing, coding, etc. – through the lens of fame and fortune as though these are the only defining elements that...

When Dreams Reach StarsRyan Payne

Fortune and Glory

"Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory." -Indiana Jones The phrase fortune favors the bold rings true in any life. There are those that dream of quitting their jobs and traveling the world, and then there are those that do it and make it work. What is the worth in doing something half-assed? In 1956 a...

Fortune and GloryRyan Payne

The Prince of Poyais

A day before Christmas in 1786, Gregor MacGregor was born to Daniel MacGregor and Ann Austin, a Scottish family living in Stirlingshire, Scotland. Not much is known of Gregor's early life, but it is known that at the age of 16, in 1803, he joined the British Army and served as an infantryman in...

The Prince of PoyaisRyan Payne

Alone on the Wall

It's ok to be scared. Especially when you're venturing into the unknown and trying to do something amazing and new. But whenever you're there, alone on your own wall, take a moment to breathe, realize how lucky you are to be there, and continue your journey. Note: The awesome part happens after 3:00, but watch...

Alone on the WallRyan Payne

The Admiral

On the last day of the 1993-1994 NBA Season, two future Hall of Famers were locked in an epic scoring battle, each vying to capture the coveted NBA scoring title for that season. David Robinson, nicknamed The Admiral, of the San Antonio Spurs trailed Shaquille O' Neal, then with the Orlando Magic, by 33 points...

The AdmiralRyan Payne

The Self-Powered Life

The Ancient Polynesians navigated the Pacific using the sun and the stars as their compass. Their journeys took them to places across thousands of miles, from Hawaii to New Zealand and New Zealand to Easter Island, within an area encompassing 10 million square miles, now known as the Polynesian Triangle. These ancient navigators, exploring and...

The Self-Powered LifeRyan Payne

Throw Your Box Away

Muscle atrophy can be a scary thing. When an injury occurs which restricts a limbs movement partially or completely, the muscles within that limb will deteriorate, leaving it's twin stronger than the other. When a muscle atrophies, it can lead to severe or partial muscle deterioration as the result from many different ailments, diseases, or...

Throw Your Box AwayRyan Payne

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