Branding: 3 Reasons Why Your Own .com is Essential

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Like it or not, branding affects every aspect of life. Employees can be trusted or unreliable, fast or slow, and a myriad of other qualities that brand them to others in their workplace. Businesses are the same way. People interact with brands that are trusted and reliable, with experts and not amateurs. Here are 3 reasons why owning your own .com is essential to success in the new economy.

1. Nobody wants to do business with an business.

If you drive around long enough you are bound to run into (not literally) a truck that will have an @yahoo or email address on it. Usually they are manual labor businesses but there are plenty of businesses of all sorts that do the same thing. The problem is they aren’t building their brand, but severely diminishing it. They aren’t viewed as favorably as a similar business with their own .com branded down to the email address. Owning your own .com sets you up to build on your brand and reap the benefits. Branding is important!

2. You can become “the expert.”

Experts are highly valued and sought after for their knowledge and information. The new economy has dictated that anyone who doesn’t individually produce value is just another cog in the machine. Value isn’t just produced by large corporations anymore, individuals are now able to provide value, which is why personal branding is more important than ever and becoming “the expert” is an essential step to success.

3. Unique > Anonymity.

It is better to have a recognizable brand than blend in as one of the crowd. Unique is greater than anonymity when it comes to branding. The new economy is dominated by those companies and individuals who are unique, and stand out. Getting found requires value, and branding that is unique and not like every other boring company. If you are like everyone else then there is not a reason for potential customers to choose you over one of your competitors. Make sure you get found. Be unique. Be branded with your own .com.

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