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There are many people waiting for something amazing to happen. Really, waiting for anything different to happen. They're waiting for something to happen in their life which allows them to finally start on the path that can culminate in reaching their ultimate dream, goal, and desire. Maybe their dream is becoming wealthy, or maybe it's going...

PreludeRyan Payne

Life Goes On

There's only an impassible obstacle when you treat life as a finite canvas. You can choose to treat each obstacle as beatable. Or not. Your canvas is either something remarkable, or it isn't. Regardless, life goes on. Beyond the Stars Halley's Comet visits Earth every 75 to 76 years, a lifetime for some. It took until...

Life Goes OnRyan Payne

Throw Your Box Away

Muscle atrophy can be a scary thing. When an injury occurs which restricts a limbs movement partially or completely, the muscles within that limb will deteriorate, leaving it's twin stronger than the other. When a muscle atrophies, it can lead to severe or partial muscle deterioration as the result from many different ailments, diseases, or...

Throw Your Box AwayRyan Payne


All too often people associate failure with being broken. The very act of failure itself is simply learning about a process more intimately than ever before. So why should we associate failure with the act of something being broken? Kintsugi, or Kintsukuroi, is the ancient Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer made up...

BrokenRyan Payne

What will be your space jam?

Here's a little video to provide you with a little motivation today. Enjoy!

What will be your space jam?Ryan Payne

7 Branding Rules for Creative People

Everybody has a creative side in them, whether you choose to embrace it or not is your business. There's no one way to be creative, instead it's important to create in your own medium and in your own voice, following another's path significantly detracts from the creativity you can produce. Want to embrace your creative...

7 Branding Rules for Creative PeopleRyan Payne

Blind in Space

What's the scariest thing you've ever done? If your starting your own business, writing the next great work, or self-branding yourself or your company then you might describe what you're experiencing now as terrifying, not just scary. But what if you found yourself in a space suit, outside of the shuttle, connected to humanity...

Blind in SpaceRyan Payne

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