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7 Branding Rules for Creative People

Everybody has a creative side in them, whether you choose to embrace it or not is your business. There’s no one way to be creative, instead it’s important to create in your own medium and in your own voice, following another’s path significantly detracts from the creativity you can produce.

Want to embrace your creative side? I recommend you live by the following 7 rules:

  1. Ship Now. Inspiration has an expiration date! It simply cannot stay with you until you decide to act upon it. Choose to let your inspirations guide you instead of the fear of failing. Though it’s true failure cannot be avoided, by waiting to ship you are simply avoiding the inevitable. Get your stuff out there, test it in the market, and go from there.
  2. Embrace Vulnerability. The result of your ideas can never be proven unless it’s tested in the market.
  3. Go Public or Go Home. The new economy is about the power and the ability to consume and share valuable content.
  4. Be Visible. If people can’t see you, your products are invisible and the market isn’t talking about you.
  5. Be Accessible. Make it as easy as possible to communicate with you across multiple mediums – phone, online forms, email, social media, etc.
  6. Your Ideas > Big Ideas. While everybody is out looking for the next big thing, you should be concentrating on capitalizing and developing your own idea. An idea is useless unless it can be captured and developed into something real and tangible. A big idea is just as useless as a small one until it’s refined and materialized.
  7. Utilize your marketing department. What’s beautiful about valuable content is that regardless of who created it, as long as it’s accessible, sharable, and has value it will be seen by the market. Therefore, when utilized correctly, the greatest marketing department is your customer base.

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