All too often people associate failure with being broken. The very act of failure itself is simply learning about a process more intimately than ever before. So why should we associate failure with the act of something being broken?

Kintsugi, or Kintsukuroi, is the ancient Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer made up of silver, gold, or another precious metal. Kintsugi isn’t about mending something that’s broken and attempting to hide it’s recent failure, but about making something that failed even better and more beautiful than before.

A bowl fixed through Kintsugi wouldn’t be as extraordinary had it not have been broken in the first place. It would just be normal, boring and very ordinary. But failure, or being broken, can indeed make things better and more beautiful. People are the same way.

Unremarkably average people fix or hide their failures as safely as can be and with great care in an attempt to keep their failures from being seen. But this very act ensures that their failures will keep them broken instead of being the doorway to greater opportunities.

Those that change the world fix their broken pieces and failures with the greatest materials they can find. This is their evolution from unknown to known, from poor to great, from unremarkable to one who changes the world. What are you fixing yourself with? Plaster or gold?


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